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I normally don't enjoy puzzle games that much, but this one is just so fun! I wish you would add an option to disable the timer, as this is the only thing that bothers me.

On the first couple of plays I didn't even realize other blops could still change formations and I thought this game was so hard! But after I realized, it became really fun :)


Hello ! I love your game, and I shared it with friends, but one of them is color blind and he can't play the game. I don't know if this issue is fixed on mobile, but do you think you'll fix it someday? 

Thanks for playing! So sorry to hear that :( Let me see if I can get the team back together and push an update with a colorblind friendly mode. I’ll let you know here if we do!

Thanks a lot!! <3

Are you and your friends playing on iOS?

No, we play on windows / linux!

Good to know. I think we’re going to wait until godot 4 supports web builds and release the new version on web + download with colorblind modes. Might take a while but ill ping you here once/if it’s up!


Don't really like the timer but nice game.


my best is only 17… I keep dying from things merging in unexpected ways, dragging something further than expected or otherwise just panicking. I wish the timer wasn’t there, and yeah there’s the endless mode but it then lacks any purpose outside of training for the main game. I’d love to see less focus on the timed element; maybe some puzzle levels where you get not much space to perform a handcrafted challenge or maybe money + upgrades to increase the area available in? 

Still though I enjoyed playing it a bit over the last few days, even tho my score still sucks, it was good fun!

oh hey maybe that’s not so bad of a score looking at the comments. Also is there an undo button, I see you mentioned there would be one in the mobile version

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The comments here are for the original web version but 17 is a decent score! Most people get between 10-20 on the mobile version.

Yeah that’s fair! We certainly discussed adding more mechanics but decided to just keep the game very simple.

For what it’s worth, in the settings there is an alternative input method that allows you to draw a path that the eel then follows. It’s a bit more precise.

I struggled at the beginning to understand what I'm doing but it's hard to put tutorial on a game made in 3 days, I'm sure the future updates will handle that. Really cool puzzle game! Loved the aesthetics. I wonder how you make that patterns show up on the eels, they are not animated

Very well done made!

amazing game, it just need a tutorial at the beginning but it's very well made!

This game is so good I am playing it constantly. It'd be cool to make it a downloadable game on windows/Mac as well

Nice concept and execution. My suggestion is to add a tutorial in the beginning.

This is such a neat concept :) Well done!


Awesome game! Tons of fun! 


pretty good for a fish

I bet I can do it with 10 boats. I almost did it before.


11 Boats. I think 12 boats is possible.

I got 8 boats
it took way too long to figure out you could split them up again

Yeah. 8 boats is the most I can get too. Splitting must have been a little tricky to implement.


the time limit is not needed


An option would be nice tbh


The new version will have modes!

lol funny cute game


For sure, an entertaining game with great sound which makes me calm. The art is also fabulous. My record is 7 boats.

Really interesting game, i hope this idea will be promoted in the future. Good luck!

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i wanna download this game

Great concept! but it's hard omg, or maybe I'm not fast enough haha


i got 5 :

I got 7!

My record is 4 boats

That's it

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This game is so cute and absolutely delightful!


I encountered a bug where the boat came solved and i just needed to shift something back and forth to get it to leave again


i loved the style, would be good if as we get the boat right we gain more time

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For your mobile app, I would love if you could adjust the time. I'd really love a mode where there is no time limit and I can just keep playing :)


For sure!

Mobile version with endless mode is out now!


those mobile ads but with animals and its actually good


There is a chance higher than 0% that the boat will come solved


really cute game, I really feel that there's a need for an 'Undo' button to reduce some frustration when making mistakes.


Thanks! The mobile version we’re making has an undo :)

can't get it to start, every time I press space it just goes down the page


try it in fullscreen, or click the inside of the game first. 




So cute!!! really like the art style of the block!




Fun game! I 


We are working on a polished mobile version :) Follow me for updates!

that sounds amazing! Wanted to ask if you're planning on doing finger dragging rather than a touch-stick thing most games do on mobile? You probably already thought of that bit I wanted to make sure


Yeah I think we’ll do dragging!

Not sure what you mean by touch-stick. Could you elaborate?

It’s out now on mobile. I hope you like the touch input!

Make the game able to change the control mode please!


Love it^^


Hmmm... about the letter b in the title... Could you add a fourth eel colour to the game in the post-jam update?


This is such an adorable game (yet so frustrating!! My high score is like 2 rn lmao, tricky sticky eels!!!)
I'm addicted


Hahaha I just realized you can split the eels again after combining them. Wow my score is 4 the struggle is real


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