• Move: W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys
  • Select/Deselect: SPACE
  • Reset: R

How to Play:

In eelbay, your goal is to manage a changing supply of three colors of eels, and deliver the right eels to the right boats in the right formation.

The eels are sticky- eels that are next to each other fuse into larger eels, and move together. However, if an eel is pushed onto an eel of a different color, it will move it instead of fusing. You can break fused eels this way.

Boats come in regularly, delivering new eels, and requesting a certain formation of eels to leave. Deliver as many eels to as many boats as you can in the time limit!


Welcome to eelbay!

The sticky eels of eelBay need your help! They lead busy lives across the ocean, doing a variety of jobs- eelectricians, eelconomists, reel estate agents, you name it!

However, the commute always proves to be a challenge, since they're all so darn sticky! Help deeliver the eels to their 9-to-5s before it's too late!


Made for LD53


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Love it :)

What a wonderful nightmare of a game!  I love the art and mechanics.  I love easily it can go sideways with the eels connecting to each other.  I felt like there was a few too many eels delivered on the boats but otherwise I really enjoyed this.